Tesla’s new solar roofs are sophisticated yet affordable

tesla textured tile solar roofingIf you were to walk down your street knowing that a few of the rooms had one of Tesla’s new solar powered roofs on them, you’d be surprised how hard it would be to spot which ones were solar power and which ones were just regular shingles.

Tesla along with SolarCity jointly announced a combined solar roof and battery pack system that they hope will revolutionize the way energy is created for both home use and commercial use.

First off, this is Tesla’s idea of synergy between your home, transportation and energy.

The idea here is that if you have a solar roof, then the roof will create not only enough energy in order to completely operate your home, but also be able to charge up your car as well.

So together they would be open one-off sustainable package that would more than pay for itself pretty quickly.

There are quite a few positives to these solar roofs too.

First, looking at the pictures I would say they look fantastic.

Not only that, because they’re made of glass and a fiberglass strut system, they’re going to last a lot longer than a normal shingle ever would.

tesla roofing style options

And according to Tesla’s comments on the way they produce their solar roofs, these roofing systems will be better insulated than any other roof that’s available out there today.

“The key is it needs to be beautiful, affordable, and seamlessly integrated,” Musk said at a Los Angeles event for Tesla’s roof and battery system. “If all those things are true, why would you go in any other direction?”

The first house to get the new solar roof installed on it for public appreciation was none other than the desperate housewives house on Wisteria Lane that’s actually located on one of Universal Studio‘s lots in California.

The solar roofs come in a whole bunch of different colors and styles such as your normal shingles, tiles, French slate and so on.

Musk also revealed the upgrades to the power wall and power pack at the same time. They are simply called Power Wall 2 an Powerpack 2.

The idea of the β€œ2” is that they are the second generation and can double the capacity of their previous models.

Right now the power wall to unit can create enough power to run an average four-bedroom house for a day. tesla-unvails-new-solar-roof

This is including the lights, refrigerator and the electrical sockets.

At the time of unveiling the unit is priced at $5500. Not bad considering a four bedroom house can cost around $300 up for electricity per month. That’s $3600 a year.

There was no announcement as far as how much the solar roofing systems cost. But Tesla’s goal is to make them actually cheaper than a conventional roof that you can get today, says TXBuyers.

That’s fantastic news!

“If you have a solar roof, and a battery pack in your house, and an electric car, that is something that scales worldwide,” Musk said. “You can solve the whole energy equation with that.”

The production of these new solar panels will happen in Buffalo, New York.

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