Solar Photovoltaic Technology

roofs with solar panelsSolar photovoltaic is a technological wonder, not only because it produces clean and renewable energy but it also defies the “law” in electricity production.

Solar photovoltaic does not have a magnet and a turbine to spin, which is the typical set up in electricity production, rather it produces electricity directly.

How? Well the word photovoltaic came from the words photo which means light and voltaic which means volts, the unit of electricity.

From there you can already tell how solar PV works. When sunlight touches the panels it absorbs the light (not the heat energy along with it) the panels knock out the electrons and sends them to the inverter for conversion to a usable form of electricity.

This is called the photovoltaic effect and is the heart of the technology.

But is solar photovoltaic green throughout?

The production of solar PV panels is not as complicated as other renewable energy sources and is not bulky in nature, this the main reason it can be decentralised and mass produced for lower cost and energy consumption during the manufacturing state.

The technology is also now being directly applied to the commercial sector, meaning businesses throughout Australia are installing solar panels, and soon enough the industrial sector will follow either directly or indirectly.

Solar farms are a new and exciting area of advancement for our country (though they have been in use in Europe and the U.S.A for some time).

Various states in Australia, especially Queensland & W.A, are taking the lead in solar farm feasibility research and application. Only time will tell, but hopefully one day soon the day will come when the factories producing solar panels will be powered by one, through either direct installation or the use of solar farm produced electricity.

Solar Photovoltaic TechnologyWhat about the panels losing their efficiency?

For starters, solar panels can last up to 40 years if maintained properly and used accordingly. That alone will wield you mind bugling benefits both financially and for carbon emission reduction.

This is not even including the benefits in a higher selling price for your home.

Solar panels are green holistically because even when their time comes the panels will not pile up into dump sites and be trash one day

To be considered holistically green and truly sustainable the panels must be recycled and they can be. The technology started in Europe and global application is very close at hand.

The idea is to collect all used up panels and break them down into what can be used as a raw materials for another module and what can’t……

This technology can reduce the waste by over 70 percent and can make future solar panels cheaper and easier to produce.

The need we face for reducing our dependence on dirty fossil fuel energy sources is pushing us to keeping going beyond our current boundaries, and our concerns about our future & the world we will leave for our children drives us forward as a civilization.

If we continue our efforts and support the green living campaigns wherever you are in Australia or anywhere else in the world, we can definitely make a difference, and who knows it may just put an end to our seemingly never ending search for affordable & plentiful clean, renewable energy.

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